As National Nurses Week unfolds, it gives IAM Healthcare the opportunity to extend sincere gratitude to the incredible nurses who stand as pillars of strength and compassion in their workplaces and communities across the country.

In hospitals, clinics, and homes around the nation, nurses work tirelessly, often short-staffed and long hours, to provide comfort and care to help others in their most vulnerable times.

It’s important this week to recognize the challenges nurses face in their profession, including workplace violence, exposure to infectious diseases, and physical strain and injury.

Expressing gratitude to nurses for their service in medicine is a start, but it’s imperative that the country, laws, and employers consistently strive to enhance the working conditions and compensation of these indispensable workers.

IAM Healthcare will continue to bring union representation to nurses who are standing up for themselves and their patients against a healthcare system that all too often prioritizes profits over patients and healthcare professionals.

The IAM, which represents RNs, LPNs, and Nursing Assistants in hospitals, nursing homes, home health, and other practice settings in the U.S. and Canada, recognizes nurses’ sacrifices and holds a deep appreciation for their vital role in the health of the nation.