A Union for Speech, Physical, & Occupational Therapy Professionals

Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Speech-Language Pathologists work in a variety of settings, helping patients recover from injuries, manage chronic conditions, and live better lives. They, along with the technicians and assistants who support their work, face numerous and varied challenges in workplaces ranging from hospitals and nursing homes to schools and community-based care settings.

Common challenges include high productivity expectations and caseloads, inadequate compensation, high turnover, and a generally poor understanding of their work on the part of the public and even administrators in the facilities where they work.

That’s why SLPs, PTs, OTs, Techs, and Assistants are uniting together to organize with IAM Healthcare. By organizing a union and bargaining a strong contract, therapy professionals can win the respect, protections, and benefits they deserve. Use the confidential form below to get in touch with a member of our IAM Healthcare team.