Why Do Healthcare professionals need a voice?

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quality patient care

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Safe Working Conditions

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essential staffing levels

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Professional Advancement

With the backing of IAM Healthcare: we can work to ensure that our patients have quality staffing levels, our livelihood is secure and we all make it home safely. Find out more about how you can join together with your coworkers:

Quality In, Quality Out

“At our hospital, we fought for a secure retirement, ensuring that our years of dedication to our patients receive proper compensation. As healthcare workers, we invest in the health and well-being of our patients day in and day out. It was imperative that we also invested in ourselves and our futures.”

Ann Aponte

Phlebotomist, Medical Lab Assistant



“Having a shared voice ensures that direct patient care givers have safe working conditions. Safety is our number one priority and our patients. As I AM Healthcare members, we are able to raise safety concerns without fear, and we make sure that those concerns are handled in a timely manner through our workplace committees.”

TJ Pollicino

Operating Room PCA

making healthcare work

“I have seen many changes in healthcare over the last two decades. Our union has been instrumental in making sure that those changes work for patients and providers alike. We have a real say in what happens in our hospital, and that makes all the difference.”

Janine Thelen

Critical Care PCA



“As IAM Healthcare members, we have a protected voice to push for even better staffing in our hospital, so that we can ensure safe, quality care for our patients.”

Bill Katala

Emergency Room PCA


A union to Cassandra Buckhanan, a 29-year IAM Healthcare member at the VA, and a pharmacist means having a family in her workplace.


“When you have a voice at work, your needs get met. Without a united voice no one is looking out for you. As members of IAM Healthcare…

We have a way to deal with our issues as they arise. We are the voice for patients & providers”

Laura Staak

PST Chart Rep