The Western Territory is proud to announce that two first contracts have been reached providing economic security for Military and Family Life Counselors (MFLCs) in North Carolina and Colorado.  MFLCs provide vital mental health services to members of all branches of the military and their families.

The North Carolina agreement, negotiated by Grand Lodge Special Representative Paul Shepherd, includes a retroactive base salary equity increase of approximately 13.6%, plus a locality premium of 6.5%, with an additional 2% base salary increase on May 1 and then each additional May for a 3-year deal. The agreement also includes bonus and incentive programs, paid time off and holiday increases, flex time, and job security improvements.

“It really was an honor working with these members and seeing their passion for the important work they do,” said Shepherd. “They save the lives of struggling Marines and their families on a daily basis.”

The Colorado agreement, negotiated by Grand Lodge Special Representative Steven Van Wie, includes increased seniority protections, first year wage increases ranging from 7% to 13%, 3% general wage increases the following two years, $2,000 yearly tuition assistance, and a training pay premium for MFLCs tasked with training new employees.

“It ultimately boiled down to the resolve of the committee at the bargaining table who refused to settle for anything less than what they deserved,” said Van Wie. “It was heartening to witness their solidarity in commanding the respect of their employer.”

“These hard-won contracts further cement our presence and our contribution to the Healthcare Industry,” said IAM Western Territory General Vice President Gary R. Allen. “Military and Family Life Counselors provide an invaluable service to the military community. I am pleased that their selfless dedication is finally being recognized and compensated fairly.”